Sensory equipment, Hopewood Park

In June 2023, our inpatients service at Hopewood Park in Sunderland received funding from SHINE for sensory equipment to help patients self-regulate whilst in hospital.

The funding allowed occupational therapists on the site to purchase over 100 items to use within their sensory regulation group. Items include fidget toys, a wobble cushion, a diffuser and essential oils, visual timetables/planners, mindfulness CDs and noise cancelling headphones.

“We can’t thank you enough for your generous donation towards our sensory resources,” – Callie Conway, Occupational Therapist. “Our patients have loved exploring the various items such as the scented diffuser, mindfulness CDs, sensory lights and stress toys.”

The items will be taken to the wards during therapeutic groups and weekly sensory sessions to allow the patients to explore and try. Handouts will also be provided for patients to create individualised sensory boxes to support with regulation during periods of distress.

“SHINE has enabled better resources to be brought in for ward activities, 1-1 client engagements and allowed staff to build on more personalised sensory boxes for our clients. Having better supplies such as sensory items has helped support clients with managing emotions and I feel it has helped me also better understand how important it is for hospitals to have access to these supplies,” – member of staff at Hopewood Park.

As an Occupational Therapist working at Hopewood Park, I have seen first hand how meaningful and beneficial the sensory resources have been to the patients, in both sensory groups and one to one intervention. This has only been possible due to the extremely generous donation from the SHINE fund. Thank you so much from us and the patients

Occupational Therapist at Hopewood Park

Feedback from patients

“I like using sensory items it helps keep me calm and relaxed when I feel unwell.”

“Sensory equipment – helps me relax.”