Community Forensic Allotment Group

The Forensic Team’s Allotment Group secured funds from the SHINE fund to maintain and improve their allotment on Tweed Street in Newcastle, which is open for all patients in a forensic community or inpatient service within CNTW.

The allotment makes a huge difference to the lives of patients – it provides an opportunity to socialise, learn new skills and be part of a wider community. Whilst working on the allotment, patients contribute to ideas for developing the allotment and can take the lead in implementing these ideas. These experiences at the allotment improve patients’ confidence as well as their mental and physical wellbeing.

Money from SHINE, which provides funding for ‘little extras’ to help patients live happier, fuller lives, will be used to buy new gardening tools, paint outbuildings, lay gravel in the orchard and add new raised beds. The funding from SHINE will also cover the allotment site fees, allowing the Allotment Group to continue running for the next year.

Funding from SHINE plays a crucial role in supporting the allotment every year and contributed to the impressive transformation of the allotment’s greenhouse, pictured below.

Two photos of the Community Forensic allotment, featuring a greenhouse

Feedback from patients:

“Thank you to the SHINE Fund for giving the community allotment support.  It makes a big difference in my life and allows me to meet other people every week and feel part of the community.”

“Its helped me fill my time doing something productive and peaceful at the community allotment.”

“A good use of time and also getting out and about developing new skills and always learning.  I feel a lot of the ownership towards the community allotment.  I am also considering having my own allotment in the future.”