Games and activities, St George’s Park

In 2023, an inpatient service at St. George’s Park, Morpeth received funding from SHINE to enhance patient wellbeing through the purchase of various games and activities.

Hauxley is an inpatient unit for older men and women with mental health problems arising from functional disorders such as depression, anxiety or psychosis. Hauxley provides assessment and treatment by a multi-disciplinary health and social care team. They support service users with a range of different treatments and therapies. With the funding the team were able to provide the ward with items/activities such as bingo, target golf, a music speaker and other various games.

Close up of golf putter and ball 

Having these extra items have been brilliant for the overall running of activities on the ward. Patients have all enjoyed and benefited from using them.

Tom LyonsAcitivity Facilitator

Acitivity Facilitator Tom Lyons provided SHINE with feedback about how the approval of the ward’s application has already had a positive impact on the patients.

“The addition of the bingo machine has not only made the bingo nights more enjoyable, but has also sped up the games, allowing for more fun and play. The adapted golf equipment has proven to be very popular, providing gentle exercise and fostering significant social benefits. The golf games have been a great way to bring people together and has involved many patients on the ward.”

“Additionally, the music speaker has been a valuable addition to music sessions, reminiscence sessions, and relaxation sessions, creating a positive and engaging atmosphere. The speaker has helped in creating an ambiance which helps the patients remember yesteryear, as well as being able to play calming and tranquil white noise”.