Bags of care, Workington

The Children’s Learning Disability and ADHD teams in North Cumbria received funding for 200 Bags of Care, a support tool for parents/carers whose child is receiving care in the services.

“They represent the message we are trying to give from a peer perspective; that parents/carers are seen and they are important,” said Senior Peer Supporter Kristina Whitworth. The bag’s contents include a journalling notebook, a pen with a positive quote, biscuits, bath salts, lip balm, hand cream, motivational quote cards, eye masks, hot chocolate, a magnetic book mark, support leaflets and a mindfulness colouring sheet.

The Peer Support team work closely with the families/carers of children receiving care in the services, utilising their lived experience to support, empathise and empower.

“When a peer hands over a bag it demonstrates we are there for them and they are always well received,” said Kristina. Marie Steele, Peer Supporter in the North Cumbria ADHD Team said “The bags are given out to parents/carers to show them that we care and to get them to think about their own wellbeing and to take some time for themselves. Having a child with a learning disability or ADHD is hard work and parents/carers rarely think of themselves.

Image of gift bags, leaflets, chocolate bars, colouring books, hand cream, shower gel and notebooks.

Following a previous successful bid, the roll out of the bags showed just how important that personal touch is, with feedback from parents including:

“Thank you for my Bag of Care, it was a lovely surprise and a lovely touch which will be most definitely used.”

“I’m loving this colouring book! It’s small enough to fit in my bag so I can take it everywhere! I’ll find a use for all my wee treats. I’m still taken aback as it’s such as thoughtful gift.”

“I’ve had a look in the bag and the stuff you gave us is lovely. I will enjoy a colour when I get 5 mins… lots of lovely bits in there, thank you, it’s very kind.”