Materials for managing emotions, Beadnell, St Georges Park

One of our inpatient’s units based at St George’s Park, received funding to purchase materials for the Managing Emotions Group, which included stationary, self soothe boxes and an air fryer to support cooking sessions with patients.

Beadnell is a Mother and Baby Unit based at St George’s Park in Morpeth. It has six beds for mothers and their babies.  It provides a specialist service to care for and treat women with moderate to severe mental health problems during pregnancy and in the postnatal period.  The unit offers a homely atmosphere in which the bonding of a mother and child can continue, while mothers have access to a full range of psychiatric treatment and services appropriate to their needs.

A discharged mum from the unit raised £3500 specifically for the Mother and Baby unit. She requested that the money be used towards things for the ward which would benefit other mothers and their baby’s stay to help with recovery. Part of the money raised for the unit has now gone towards purchasing stationery which has been used to create information workbooks making the theory section of the group easier to understand. Patients can then take copies of the information packs which includes explanations behind the skills and prompts to complete the skills themselves.

The unit were also able to buy self soothe boxes which are used to make individuals feel more relaxed and reduce symptoms of panic, anxiety or low mood. As well as being able to purchase an air fryer for the ward which has been used to support cooking sessions with patients.