Gym and sports equipment, Northgate Hospital

In August 2023, SHINE provided £2808 to purchase gym and sports equipment for the Sycamore Unit at Northgate Hospital.

Sycamore is a 72-bed unit providing care to male patients with mental illness, learning disability and personality disorders who have come into contact with the criminal justice system.

The unit contains sport and fitness facilities which offer a safe space that all patients can access to support their mental and physical well-being. “The new equipment purchased ensures that all patients have equipment that they can use to achieve their goals and work towards new ones,” says Sport and Fitness Practitioner Michael Gardner.

Staff and patients have expressed the positive impact the new equipment has had on their physical health, in particular the options to adapt and change their routines to allow for increased motivation and effort levels. Staff have also observed an increase in attendance from those who were previously lacking motivation.

Member of staff holding new boxing equipment Large set of dumbbells on a rack Member of staff using weights

Feedback from patients

“The equipment is so much better. It has made me and my peers so enthusiastic towards our stay in hospital.”

“It has been really helpful and thanks for all the equipment which has been very useful for all of us.”

“Massive difference to what can be done with the gym. Good, wide range of gym equipment, massive help.”

“Better training. Improved mood. More focus. Better way of interacting with others.”