Walkergate Park

Walkergate Park Centre for Neurorehabilitation and Neuropsychiatry is an encompassing service for people with a disability caused by injury or disease affecting the brain, spinal cord or muscles.

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Walkergate Park Centre For Neurorehabilitation and Neuropsychiatry Benfield Road Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 4QD

Walkergate Park is one of the most advanced centres of its kind in Europe. It is a first for the United Kingdom. Our team  has extensive experience and expertise in managing physical disabilities, neurobehavioural, neuropsychological, and neuropsychiatric problems.

This fully comprehensive service is delivered from new state-of-the-art premises, purpose designed for modern rehabilitation practice, in the North East of England. The centre provides high quality rehabilitation services on an inpatient, outpatient, day patient or community basis

Walkergate Park provides care for people who experience the following consequences of neurological disease:

  • Major physical disability affecting mobility, self-care and everyday activities
  • Disturbance of cognition or behaviour
  • Psychiatric sequelae of neurological disease

Some of our community services are also based at Walkergate Park.  See our service directory for more information.

Walkergate Park is home to the only specialist tertiary care neuropsychiatry service in the Northern Region and, at the time of opening, was the first centre of its kind in the UK to provide such integrated service delivery of specialist services.

Our goal is to maximise people’s potential for independence. It is a goal that depends on many factors: understanding a past personality, knowing the present, foreseeing the potential future and combining the intricacies of each of these factors into a focused plan.

At Walkergate Park we believe that individualised, inter-disciplinary treatment is the most productive approach to rehabilitation.

Walkergate Park is also home to some of our other services as well, including the Northern Region Gender Dysphoria Service and the Personality Disorder Hub Service.

The management of my care here at Walkergate Park has made a huge impact on my life and has given me back the quality and confidence I lost. I am now able to go about my home and work life with increased confidence and happiness. I would like to thank all the staff for their kindness and concern and the fact that all the services I required were under one roof made it all the more easy for me.

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