Specialist seating, Carleton Clinic

In 2023, the Ruskin unit at Carleton Clinic in Carlisle received funding for specialist seating for patients.

Ruskin is an inpatient dementia assessment and treatment unit for older adults with organic illness, such as dementia. The unit has 15 beds and provides multidisciplinary assessment, treatment and encourages recovery and independence where possible.

Seating can have a big impact on the wellbeing of patients living with dementia, and correct seating can reduce the likelihood of falls and sliding, reduce the risk of pressure injuries and can improve quality of life and psychological wellbeing.

Using the funds from SHINE, staff on Ruskin were able to purchase specialist seating which has been clinically designed for patients living with dementia. The chairs are designed with pressure relieving materials to ease anxiety and reduce the risk of patients developing pressure sores. They also support the independence of patients as features of the chairs help users transfer themselves or stand without the need of a hoist.

The chairs are excellent in providing patients with an increased sense of control and safety, alongside easing anxiety

– Catherine Brown, Specialist Occupational Therapist.