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Search our resources library for self help guides, patient information leaflets, mental health and wellbeing information that you may find useful.

  • Shyness and social phobia

    Information from the Royal College of Psychiatrists for anyone who finds shyness a problem, or who suffers from a social phobia. It may also be helpful for friends or family who want to be able to understand and help.

  • Sleeping Well

    Information leaflet produced by Royal College of Psychiatrists for people who are having trouble sleeping. It covers some common problems with sleep, as well as some more unusual ones. There are some simple tips on how to sleep better, and how to decide if you need more help.

  • Smarter Sleep

    Resources which aim to help both patients and practitioners in taking positive steps towards better sleep management without using hypnotics.

  • Smoking: harm reduction – NICE Public Health Guideline 45

    Information from NICE. This guideline covers reducing harm from smoking. It aims to help people, particularly those who are highly dependent on nicotine, who;may not be able (or do not want) to stop smoking in one step, may want to stop smoking, without necessarily giving up nicotine, may not be ready to stop smoking, but want to reduce the amount they smoke. It recommends harm-reduction approaches which may or may not include temporary or long-term use of licensed nicotine-containing products.

  • Social Anxiety – an NHS self help guide

    This is a booklet with information about social anxiety. It aims to help people to recognise whether they may have a problem with social anxiety, to understand what it it, what can cause it and what can keep it going. It will also help people to look at ways they can help themselves to overcome social anxiety.