Psychological impact of a traumatic brain injury (TBI)

Adjusting to injury

Most people experience some emotional changes in the time immediately following a brain injury. This may include feeling sad, anxious or frustrated. It is important to allow yourself time to adjust to what has happened and remember that your feelings are normal. Headway provide more information on the emotional impact of TBI

Coping with worry, frustration or low mood

After a TBI it is important to give yourself time to adjust to changes which have occurred, spend time with people who support you and engage in activities which you enjoy. It can also be helpful to take things “one day at a time”, rather than thinking too far ahead. There ares some guided examples of mindfulness and relaxation exercises which you may find helpful when feeling worried or overwhelmed on this page on our website.

Referring to Talking Therapies

If you feel that your emotional changes are affecting your day-to-day life or are not improving over time, you may wish to access a talking therapies service. In Northumberland you can self-refer to NHS Northumberland Talking Therapies

Require urgent help?

If you feel that your mental health is deteriorating quickly or you are experiencing thoughts of suicide, contact your GP as soon as possible. If you need urgent support call NHS 111 or your local crisis team on 0800 652 2861 who operate a 24/7 service.