Returning to work

You may have spent time recovering from your brain injury and feel ready to return to work. However, the effects of a brain injury can affect how you do your job. You may find that you require adaptations to the workplace to accommodate your needs or that a different role altogether is more suitable. With the right support and planning, many people do successfully get back to work after a brain injury and our service is here to help. Headway have some information which you may also find useful when considering your return:
Returning to work after brain injury
6 strategies for getting back to work after brain injury

Voluntary work

Returning to full-time, paid work can be difficult for many people after brain injury. While there are ways to making a return to work easier, for some people it might not be possible to return to paid work because of the skills and commitment required. Volunteering can be a good way to return to work-type activities without the strict expectations that paid work usually involves. Helping others and doing something productive can be a good way to boost your confidence and get you back into a working routine. Headway have some useful information on volunteering:
7 tips for volunteering after brain injury
Voluntary work after brain injury factsheet