Inpatient Services for Adults with a Learning Disability and or Autism

We provide a range of regional and national inpatient services for adults with a learning disability, autism or both.  Each of our inpatient services has a different referral process: please see the links below for more information on each specific service.

Adult learning disability assessment and Treatment unit – Rose Lodge

Rose Lodge is an acute assessment and treatment inpatient unit. The unit provides an Assessment and Treatment service (A&T) for men and women aged 18 and over and for people with a learning disability, who would benefit from admission to a specialist learning disability unit due to the level of support they require rather than a ‘mainstream mental health hospital’.

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Download an information leaflet for patients, families and carers about Rose Lodge.


Adult Autism Inpatient Unit – Mitford

Mitford Unit is an autism inpatient service for adults who are on the autism spectrum, who have extremely complex needs and display challenging behaviours to the extent that their needs cannot be met by local assessment and treatment services. The service also provides an alternative for individuals who have been inappropriately placed within secure services.

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Secure services

We offer a range of secure services for adults with a learning disability and or autism.

Secure Outreach Transition Team (SOTT)

SOTT provides assessment, intervention, treatment, management and supervision for service users with a learning disability and or autism who are in secure care, in the community following discharge from a period of secure care or in the community having been referred due to offences or offending behaviour that represents a risk to the general public and who potentially may require admission to secure care.

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Tweed Unit

Tweed delivers two separate services. A 15 bedded low secure unit providing assessment and treatment for male patients who have a learning disability and who either have offended or displayed offending type behaviour, and pose a significant danger to themselves or the public.

It also has an 8 bedded Hospital Based Rehabilitation unit that provides a step down facility for men who have completed active treatment and require further recovery focused support prior to discharge into the community.

Both services are recovery focused and have a multi-disciplinary team approach to treatment and strive to provide rehab and treatment for patients where discharge pathways have proven difficult.

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Forensic Learning Disability Community Transition Team (CTT)

This multi-disciplinary team supports adults with a learning disability and or autism to move from a secure inpatient service to the community.

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