Supporting Materials

Materials supporting the use of CAIT.

The training is supported by a textbook and a series of manuals (trainer and trainee manual), and over 20 publications.

Some of the recent publications include:

  • James, I.A., & Gibbons, L. (2019). Communication Skills For Effective Dementia Care. Jessica Kingsley: London.
  • Thompson, D., Shirley, L., Gray, K. & James, I.A. (2022). New perspectives on the management of behavioural and emotional expressions of need: The micro-skills involved in de-escalating agitation. Journal of Dementia Care, 30(2), 22-23.
  • James. I.A., Sofrano, M. & Kamal, O. (2022). Use of CAIT in Acute Hospitals and physical health settings: the Solihull teaching. Psychology of Older People: The FPOP Bulletin, BPS (April 2022).
  • James, I. Gray, K. Moniz-Cook, E., et al. (2021). A new holistic non-pharmacological framework for understanding and managing behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia. British Journal Psychiatry Advances.  doi: 10.1192/bja.2021.12
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