Communication and Interaction Training (CAIT)

Improving dementia care literacy within teams and organisations

Communication and Interaction Training (CAIT)

Communication and Interaction Training (CAIT) is an online person-centred training programme designed to help staff acquire greater ‘dementia care literacy’. It provides a common language within an organisation in order to promote consistent care for people living with dementia.

CAIT highlights and teaches the micro-skills necessary for providing good dementia care and managing Behaviours that Challenge. The programme recognises staff’s existing skills and builds on these, aiding and refining where necessary. CAIT takes a magpie approach, borrowing from evidence-based communication practices from clinical and retail sectors, and the police and armed forces.

The programme is designed for staff working in care homes, but has also been used successfully by staff working in organic/dementia wards, acute hospitals and community settings.


For more information about enrolling onto the online person-centred training programme email: [email protected]