Programme Structure

CAIT is represented visually in the form of a wheel, with each component of the wheel related to a different aspect of the training programme.


The programme is composed of six sections:

  • Description of Dementia
  • Description of Behaviours that Challenge and the CAIT program
  • Core Communication Skills (Module 1)
  • Adaptations for Communicating with People Living with Dementia (Module 2)
  • Communicating Around Intimate Care Tasks (Module 3)
  • Use of Care Plans and Delivery of Complex Care (Module 4).

Each section contains a series of video clips and animations to help illustrate some of the key issues.

A case study, Karim, is used to help guide trainees through the programme. Over the course we see how Karim’s needs change as his dementia progresses, and we discuss how best to meet his needs in each of the modules.