Relocation package

Find out about the relocation support available to you.

If you are joining our trust from outside the CNTW area, then we may be able to support you with this through relocation expenses. These circumstances are considered on a case-by-case basis.

For more information, please ask to speak with an advisor when making your application or attending one of our recruitment open days.

Feedback from colleagues who relocated to join CNTW, when asked about their journey so far…

“Fantastic relocation and pastoral support. Challenging at times. Looking forward to working with the trust in the future.”

“So far my journey has been fulfilling especially with the help of the IRRS. I have been able to learn, relearn and unlearn.  My team in the ward has also been very welcoming. CNTW is my dream come true.”

My journey from my home country to the UK was seamless. There was always someone to guide me on this journey. Worthy of note is Anne-Marie, Monica and Kerry.

“Good experience so far, good opportunities to learn and grow. Great support given.”

“I came to the UK in 2021. It was a difficult journey but with support from Anne-Marie and the trust, everything went smoothly.”

What advice would you give to new colleagues travelling to join CNTW?

“Be confident, people are there to support you.”

“To be resilient, open to change and dressed appropriately for cold climate.”

“Come with an open mind to learn, ask question when you do not understand anything. Talk to your manager always for support.”

“The support here is fantastic as they will look after you very well.”