CNTW Student Research

At CNTW, we support student research being conducted within the Trust. We recommend that you contact the research team as soon as you have your research idea so we can support you through the process. If your project is part of an academic qualification, recruiting only within CNTW, and recruiting only CNTW staff as participants, you can complete the Student Research Project Application Form. Our Student Research Guide can be accessed here.

Developing your Research Idea

Once you have a project that is supported by your academic supervisor, you need to write a protocol.

A protocol, or project proposal, acts as an instruction manual for your project. It describes the approach that will be taken and how it will address a specific research question in a rigorous and consistent manner. It will help ensure results are of high quality, and that data is reproducible as well as ensuring the safety of participants. Protocol guidance and templates can be found on the HRA Website.

Submission Requirements

Please return the fully completed Student Research Project Application Form via email to [email protected], with a subject line of ‘Student Research Project Application Form’ along with the following documents:

  • Protocol or project proposal (appropriately dated and version controlled)
  • Participant Information Sheet (appropriately dated and version controlled and with GDPR transparency information)
  • Participant Consent Form (appropriately dated and version controlled and with GDPR transparency information)
  • Copy of Peer Review and University Ethics Committee outcome
  • Research CV (both student and academic supervisor). This must include information regarding relevant education, training and experience of research or GCP Training date.

Please allow three weeks for this submission to be processed by R&D.

R&D will confirm via email when you can start your project.

To Recap:

Before you can recruit any participants, you need the following:

  • R&D Approval if using the student form

If you are not using the student project form you need the following:

  • A Sponsor
  • HRA Approval
  • Ethics if you are recruiting service users and carers
  • Green light from R&D to start recruitment

You MUST NOT start your project until you have formal email confirmation from R&D