Chief Investigators (CIs) are encouraged to get in touch with the CNTW R&D Department at the earliest possible stage of a funding application. We can offer support throughout the funding process, from the identification of funders, to the successful submission of grant applications. We have led and hosted successful funding applications across the range of charity, NIHR and other funding streams.

Funding Opportunities

The NIHR advertise all funding opportunities on their website here. All Mental Health and Dementias and Neurodegeneration (DeNDRON) Funding Calls can be found here.

The Research Design Service (RDS) can offer support to researchers who are developing their applications to the NIHR and other national funders of applied health and social care research, further information can be found here.

R&D will arrange a pre-award meeting with the CI to discuss their application, agree roles and responsibilities, and to determine the financial host and sponsor for the project.

  • Where the CI is employed by CNTW the research funding is hosted by CNTW.
  • Where the CI is employed elsewhere but seeks sponsorship from CNTW it is expected that research funding from NIHR research funding streams are hosted by CNTW.
  • R&D can provide support and guidance around costs associated with grant applications, funding applications, and collaborator costs.
  • The CI will complete the Schedule of Events Cost Attribution Tool (SOECAT) and return this to R&D for review by the Senior Research Coordinator.

We can also provide support with:

  • Collating all collaborator costs,
  • Gathering CNTW costs,
  • Working closely with CNTW and partner finance teams to collate costs for co-applicants and costed staff time,
  • Providing support and guidance for the completion of the SOECAT,
  • Liaising with the LCRN on behalf of the CI to validate the SOECAT
  • ┬áThe R&D Manager can provide advice regarding identification of vendors and guidance on CNTW requirements for obtaining quotes for services and goods*.

*No service providers shall be named at application stage for goods or services that need to go to open competition/tender if the bid is successful.