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Carers resources

We greatly value the very important work of family and friends caring for people who use our services. The complexity of mental health or disability conditions means that the path to recovery can be long and unpredictable. Carers play a critical role in this journey through the care and support they offer to loved ones. Without your support, our staff would not be able to deliver the hope, treatment and care to our service users and patients that we always aim to do.  We recognise that, on occasions, carers will also need support for themselves.

The following information booklets will never replace the care and support that a member of staff can provide you with. Please feel free to discuss your worries or concerns with our staff and ask them any questions that this booklet has not answered for you. After all, it’s always good to talk.

Booklets for carers

Working together to support the person you care for – booklet

A checklist for carers – booklet

Carers’ Charter – booklet

Commonsense Confidentiality – booklet

Getting to know you – booklet

Useful contacts for carers – booklet

Mummy is poorly – booklet

Resources for carers – booklet


Carers’ Charter – poster

Getting to know you poster

Carers resources – poster

Triangle of care resources

Leaflets for carers, service users and professionals


Think about the young carer in your life – video (1:46)