What we do

Information on support and relocation

Before arrival in the UK

  • Accommodation assessment complete to establish individual and family needs.
  • Regular communication via email, telephone or Teams. Introduce to other successful candidates that will become work colleagues and friends.
  • Source accommodation, furnish and prepare with a range of equipment so that colleagues are comfortable in their new homes.
  • Regular meetings to discuss updates – work as a team.
  • Prepare for arrivals: provide information as needed – schools/food/reaching out to others.
  • Q & A sessions to address any concerns, answer questions and allay any fears.

Arrival in the UK

  • Arrange transport from the airport, meet and greet and provide support to
    ensure our new colleagues feel safe and comfortable in their new home.
  • Regular contact via Teams / text / phone.
  • Collect Biometric Resident Permit / register with bank / GP practice.
  • Support the setting up of household bills.
  • Provide pastoral support throughout ensuring that the transition to life in the UK is as ‘stress free’ as possible.

Post arrival and ongoing support

  • We work with the clinical services to ensure they are prepared to welcome the new team members.
  • Work with the service to create a robust extended induction and pastoral wrap around support.
  • We invest in the future of our new colleagues and offer support to their families.
  • Point of contact for any concerns, advice, help, share developments and a chat.