Ambition 4: Sustainable for the long term, innovating every day

We will be a sustainable, high performing organisation, use our resources well and be digitally enabled. We will be accountable for the money we spend; we will live within our means, and we will work in a way that is kind to the planet.

We have an opportunity to change. To be sustainable and innovative, we will support people to adapt, to be flexible and to try new ways of working.

To be truly innovative, we must be courageous and willing to learn by trying new approaches. We must work in a way that frees people and teams to improve every day and meet our commitments.

We will be a digital leader. We want to use technology in a way that empowers our people and teams to have the time and information they need to do their job.

We will make best use of our buildings and grounds, ensuring that they are fit for purpose and a resource for our communities. We will test, develop and grow new ventures and opportunities that help us meet our commitments.