Ambition 1: Quality Care, every day

We will aspire to deliver expert, compassionate, person-led care every day, in every team. We will value research and learning.

We will act fairly and with compassion. We will uphold people’s rights to live safe, meaningful lives in their communities. We want people to live their best lives.

Together, we will work to understand the needs, goals and risks of each person. This will help us to provide joined-up, long-term care and support. We will work to ‘Triangle of Care’ principles across all services, to build trusted relationships between staff, service users and their carers/families. Evidence-based treatment will be provided by skilled staff to deliver the goals that people want for themselves. The care we provide will be therapeutic, person-led and trauma-informed.

We value learning and we will be informed by research. We will develop the skills of our staff so they can thrive. We will learn from each other, and from others. We will use our curiosity and courage to try new things.

We will be a leader in research, using our expertise to test, learn and embed new technologies and new ways of working. These will bring proven benefit to the people and communities we serve.

We will be open and honest if things go wrong. Every day we will challenge ourselves to learn, improve and do better. We will communicate effectively and simply, in a way that we can all understand.