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Governor elections

Could you make a difference to your local NHS? Help shape the future of the Trust and become a governor

Council of Governor Elections 2019

Notice of Poll (200kB)

Statement of Nominated Candidates (162kB)

Governor Elections Timetable 2019 (182kB)

Notice of Election 2019 (164kB)

One of the most exciting parts of being a Foundation Trust is being accountable to our staff, service users, carers and public members instead of to the Department of Health.

Through a Council of Governors that represents our members and partner organisations, we have an opportunity to encourage greater staff, service users, carers and public involvement in shaping the future of the Trust.

Council of Governors Election Results 2018
The following members have been elected to the Trust’s Council of Governors commencing Saturday 1 December 2018:

Carers Constituency
• Anne Carlile – Carer Governor for Adult Services (unopposed)
• Diane Kirtley – Carer Governor for Neuro Disability Services (unopposed)
• Fiona Regan – Carer Governor for Learning Disability Services
• Janice Santos – Carer Governor for Children and Young People’s Services(unopposed)

Public Constituency
• Dr Stephen Blair – Public Governor for Newcastle/Rest of England and Wales
• Sharon Boyd – Public Governor for Sunderland

Service Users Constituency
• Russell Bowman – Service User Governor for Neuro Disability Services
• Andrew Davidson – Service User Governor for Learning Disability Services (unopposed)

• Kevin Chapman – Clinical Staff Governor
• Claire Keys – Clinical Staff Governor
• Dr Uma  Ruppa Geethanath – Medical Staff Governor (unopposed)
• Bob Waddell – Non-Clinical Staff Governor

• Carer – Adult Services
• Service User – Older People’s Services

Three governors have made short videos about why they became a governor, what it involves, their hopes for the future and if they would recommend becoming a governor.  You can watch their videos using the links below.

Video 1

Video 3 


Governor Elections Timetable 2018 (229kB)

Notice of Election 2018 (349kB)

NTW Statement of Nominations (156kB)

Report of Voting (147kB)

Report of Voting Unopposed Elections (131kB)

Notice of Poll 2018 (319kB)

If you have any queries about being a Governor, please contact: Wendy Pinkney on (0191) 245 6827 or email:

Governor Elections History:

2009 – We initially appointed our Council of Governors in November 2009, prior to being authorised as an NHS Foundation Trust, for a period of three years until November 2012.

2011 – Following by-elections held in February 2011, we elected a further 4 governors into vacant positions.

2012 – In December 2012, we successfully elected and re-elected into the initial Council of Governors, for a further three years until 30 November 2015.

2013 – In December 2013, we elected an additional 6 public Governors plus election/re-election of 2 public and 2 Service User Governors, for a period of three years until 30 November 2016.

2014 – In December 2014, we successfully elected 5 replacement Governors, 3 Public and 2 Adult Service User Governors commenced their term of office on 1st December 2014, for a period of three years until 30 November 2017.

2015 – In December 2015, we successfully elected/re-elected the following 10 governors:  2 Carers for Adult and Children & Young People’s Services, 1 Public Sunderland, 1 Public Newcastle/Rest of England and Wales, 2 Clinical Staff, 2 Non-Clinical Staff and 2 Service Users in Learning and Neuro Disability Services. Each governor commenced a 3 year term of office until 30 November 2018.

2016 – In April 2016, we successfully elected/re-elected the following 4 governors:  3 Carers for Adult, Learning Disability and Neuro Disability Services and 1 for Medical Staff .  Each governor commenced their term of office on 1 April 2016.

Election Results Nov 2017 (460kB)

Staff consituency results

Election Results Nov 2017 (481kB)

Service user and Public consituency results

Statement of Candidates (82kB)

Notice of Election (176kB)

Notice of Poll (80kB)

Uncontested Report Nov 2017 (534kB)

Foundation Trust Model Election Rules (92kB)

Governor Guide 2015 (505kB)