Adult and older adult community mental health team – patient information

When you are referred to community mental health services you will be seen as soon as possible. Waiting times could be over four weeks depending on how many people are waiting to be seen.

You can also access mental health support through your GP (doctors) practice. This may be through a mental health worker within the GP practice or through a service such as NHS Talking Therapies.

Patients experiencing mental health difficulties can speak to the primary care mental health worker within their own GP (doctors) practice, where they are available.

There are many benefits to accessing support through primary care mental health workers, you will:

  • usually be seen within two weeks of requesting an appointment, to talk about your mental health difficulties.
  • have access to staff with expert mental health knowledge and experience.  Including information about voluntary sector organisations and social care services as well as staff being able to refer to NHS mental health services where needed e.g. NHS Talking Therapies.

If your GP practice does not have a primary care mental health worker, you can still request mental health support and your GP will refer you to the most appropriate mental health service.