Yewdale – CNTW235

logo - AccessAbleYewdale Ward is an acute mental health inpatient unit  based at West Cumberland Hospital in Whitehaven. It has 16 beds for adult men and women providing assessment and  treatment by a multi disciplinary team.

Everyone who is admitted will have a named nurse who organises their inpatient care. The nurse will work with you to develop an individual care plan. Your care plan, which covers all areas of care from admission to discharge, will describe how support and treatment will help you to recover and regain your standard of day-to-day living.

It will include important issues such as:

  • medication
  • your physical health
  • therapeutic activities
  • family involvement
  • how to support you with your religious beliefs.

We emphasise that recovery will continue in a community setting as soon as possible. We encourage you to maintain links with their social networks and


Who is Yewdale for?

Yewdale is for men and women with mental health problems arising from functional disorders such as depression, anxiety or psychosis, who require a stay in hospital.


How can I get referred?

You can be referred through a number of routes, including:

  • your GP
  • outpatient clinics
  • community mental health services
  • First Step
  • A&E or an acute ward within a general hospital
  • Section 136 Mental Health Act assessments undertaken by the police.


01946 693 181


West Cumberland Hospital Hensingham Whitehaven CA28 8JG

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