• Introduction

    The Accessible Information Standard is about making information easier to understand and providing it in a way that you can understand. Talk to a member of staff about how it is best to give you information in a way that you understand.

  • The Accessible Information Standard states that we should:

    Identify – what your communication and information needs are

    Record – your communication and information needs clearly on your health record

    Flag – your needs so when a member of staff opens your record it shows what your communication or information needs are

    Share – your information and communication needs, for example when referring you to another NHS or social care service. This should
    only happen if they are allowed to see it.

    Act – take action to give you the right support, for example offering you easy read information, booking an interpreter or making sure there is someone there to support you with communication

  • What should I do next?

    It is really important that everyone learns about their rights in the standard, to make sure you are getting the right service.

    People are still learning about the standard so it is important to remind services what they need to do.

    Talk to a member of staff about how it is best to give you information in a way that you understand.

    A range of health information is available in British Sign Language, easy read and audio at www.cntw.nhs.uk/accessible

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