Do you have a weight on your mind? Help is available

Posted: 08/01/18

As the Christmas decorations come down and the kids go back to school, some of us may be thinking it’s time to get healthy and get rid of the extra pounds that we’ve gained.

Staff from the Dietetics Service at the Trust have been involved with the development of a public health funded initiative for the North East.

They want to help support people with mental health difficulties and learning disabilities manage their weight through dietary intake and lifestyle.

Obesity is a big problem in the UK, it is responsible for more than 30,000 deaths each year.

As a service we want to assist people in their journey with weight maintenance and loss

Samantha MulhollandAdvanced Dietician

As part of their work, the Dietetics Service have developed a website aimed at service users, health professionals and carers. It provides many resources to support people to make positive changes to their dietary intake as well as signposting them to a range of services and groups across the region.

The new webpages are part of a regional weight management plan where we have been working in partnership with Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust, the Northern Clinical Network and Public Health England.