International Recruitment and Relocation Support Team hosts first induction for international doctors

Posted: 21/12/23

The Trust’s International Recruitment and Relocation Support Team has hosted its first ever induction event for international doctors.

The two-day event covered all aspects of adjusting to life in the UK, helping international doctors have a smooth transition moving to a new country.

15 doctors took part in the induction, which covered topics such as banking, setting up bills, cultural awareness and how to register with a GP.

HSBC Bank also attended to support setting up bank accounts and gave a presentation on spotting the signs of fraud.

International doctors receive pastoral support from the team, but this was the first time they have had a full induction event.

Organised and delivered by senior allied health professional Laura Gibbons and international recruitment colleagues, the event gave participants the opportunity to meet each other and learn both practical and cultural aspects of living in the UK.

The team invited international doctors who have joined the Trust since August.

International Partnerships Matron Anne-Marie Lamb said: “The team have done a fantastic job in delivering the induction for international nurses and occupational therapists, so it made sense to share with other professions as well.

“It’s vital to have these sessions, which generated a lot of discussion and gave the doctors an opportunity to form friendships.”

Laura added: “We had some doctors express they were worried about bills and public transport. Just because you’re a doctor, doesn’t mean you don’t have anxieties moving to a foreign country.

“There are things we might think of as small, that can be very daunting for someone moving to a new place.

“By giving them this information, we help them gain confidence and enable them to live as best a life as possible.”

The staff were also told how to use public transport. Many rely on public transport until they are in a position to purchase a car and drive in the UK.

Anne-Marie said: “It’s not just about educating our international staff on UK culture; we are learning so much from them as well.

“It’s been a real team effort, but I have to say a special thank you to Laura for making this happen.”

The induction has received very positive feedback.

Dr Agatha Ade-Iawal said: “The relocation team are all wonderful and have made the process so much easier for me and my family. I feel loved and cared for and know I am part of this big warm family.”

Dr Adekunle Adesokan said: “The sessions were didactic and inclusive. I appreciate all members of the International Recruitment and Relocation Support Team.”

Since February this year, the team have held inductions for 51 nurses, six occupational therapists and 16 doctors.

The team support the Trust’s international colleagues from the moment they are offered a job.

They are there from the very beginning, meeting colleagues at the airport to take them to a home that has been furnished and stocked with things like food and toiletries to cover them for their first few days. They help to manage everything from setting up bills and bank accounts, and registering with GPs, to signposting to schools for children and community networks and places of worship, providing invaluable help during what can be a stressful time.