Specific funds

Service, ward and hospital specific funds

Children and Young People services staff standing together outdoors in the sunshine

In addition to our general fund, our charity also has over 30 individual funds for specific wards and services. The service can use these funds to pay for items and activities that will make a difference to patients whilst they receive care in the service. Donations to specific funds have allowed services to improve patient spaces, pay for items that improve wellbeing and activities that can help patients socialise, develop new or existing skills and build confidence.

Recent examples of projects that have been funded by specific funds include:

  • New karaoke machine purchased for Yewdale inpatient unit at West Cumberland Hospital, using the Yewdale fund
  • Activity boxes to help with zonal engagement on Roker, an inpatient unit at Monkwearmouth Hospital, purchased using the Roker fund
  • Materials for managing emotions on Beadnell, Mother and Baby unit at St. George‚Äôs Park, using funds raised for the unit by a discharged mum who wanted the money to be used towards things that would benefit other mothers and babies

If you would like to donate to a specific ward, service or hospital, please let us know when donating online or in person.