Regional Affective Disorders Outpatient Service (RADS) – Specialist Service (Newcastle) – CNTW189

The Regional Affective Disorders Service (RADS) is one of a limited number of specialist/tertiary level affective disorder services in the UK providing both out-patient and in-patient care for patients with difficult to treat mood disorders.

The Regional Affective Disorders Service is based in Newcastle upon Tyne which provides care for patients living in the North East of England, over the age of 18, with complex and/or treatment refractory affective disorders and other treatment refractory conditions complicated by an affective component.

How to get Referred
Referrals are accepted from specialist mental health teams regionally, nationally and internationally in writing, by hard copy or email



Wolfson Unit Campus for Ageing and Vitality Newcastle upon Tyne NE4 6BE

Opening Times

Monday 9am – 5pm Tuesday 9am – 5pm Wednesday 9am – 5pm Thursday 9am – 5pm Friday 9am – 5pm