What happens next

Information leaflet for patients on what happens next. The team and patient have together agreed will work with the each other to help manage and resolve their mental health crisis. Together they will do this by involving the patient and their family, friends, carers (with patients consent) in working out what needs to happen next.

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  • What happens next?

    We have together agreed that our team will work with you to help you manage and resolve your mental health crisis.

    Together we will do this by involving you and your family, friends, carers (with your consent) in working out what needs to happen next.

    When we next meet, we will work together to help us understand what influences your mental health and wellbeing and further develop and agree your care plan together. A care plan is an agreement between you and your health professional to help you manage your health day to day.

    By talking about your care plan with your health professional you can say how you want to manage your health and choose what’s best for you. The care plan will be based on what you want so you’re in control. Your care plan may include some of those points below, however will be unique to you.

  • Your care plan may also include:

    • Arrangements for regular contact with the team either at home, at a place of your choice as well as over the telephone. Due to the team working over 24 hours you may see a number of different clinicians. We will try to minimise this as much as possible.

    • How to help you to understand your mental health crisis and work out better ways of coping.

    • If felt to be helpful, a review by a Psychiatric doctor.

    • Monitoring and reviewing your medication.

    • Support and information for your family, children, friends or carers who may be helping you.

    • Practical support or signposting to other helpful services.

    • Helping you to understand what will happen after our team is no longer involved with you and how you can stay well (long term objectives).

  • Understanding what influences your mental health and wellbeing

    A booklet produced by people who use and work in services provided by Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust and some of their supporters. It aims to help you to understand what is important to your wellbeing.
    Download here

  • You have been seen today by:


  • If you or anyone else needs to get in touch telephone:


  • We will next have contact with you on:


  • After this we will contact you:


  • Use this space to write down any thoughts, ideas or questions. You can talk about them at your next meeting.


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