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Regional Environmental Control Systems Service – Information Leaflet

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  • Introduction

    This leaflet provides you with information about the Regional Environmental Control Systems Service. If you are not sure about anything in this leaflet please ask a member of staff.

  • What is the Regional Environmental Control Systems Service?

    The Regional Environmental Control Systems Service assists people with physical disabilities to operate a wide range of equipment and/or appliances within their desired environment.

    Main uses of Environmental Control Systems are for:
    • Security – alarms, door locks, intercoms
    • Communication – telephones
    • Comfort – lights, heaters
    • Entertainment – television, video, hi-fi, DVD
    • Home control – doors, windows
    • Computer access

  • Who is it for?

    The service is for people of all ages who have a limiting physical disability.

    Equipment can be controlled using various methods i.e.
    • Switches – these can be operated using any controllable body movement
    • Voice recognition
    • Direct access – special keypads

    Equipment provision can help you to alleviate or compensate for an injury or impairment, and can help you to maintain or increase your independence.

  • What do we offer?

    • Visiting Assessment Service: this takes place in the most appropriate location (usually your home address)
    • Equipment provision
    • On-going service and maintenance
    • Review and re-assessment (if required)

  • What happens when I attend my first appointment?

    Your first appointment will take place in the most appropriate location, usually your home. You will be visited by an Assessor, usually accompanied by local therapy staff. The Assessor will look at your physical capabilities, your medical condition, any family/carer involvement, your home environment and your aims and expectations.

    During the assessment you will be given the opportunity to try different pieces of equipment.

  • What happens next?

    You and your referrer will be provided with a written report following your assessment. The recommendations will usually be discussed with you on the day of your assessment. If an equipment installation is required, then further involvement may be required with your local therapist, social services and the assessment team to clarify your needs. Once this has happened the equipment will be installed and you will be given the appropriate training. You will be reviewed after a couple of months.

    The equipment will be serviced and maintained by the team and you will automatically be reviewed on an annual basis. Any problems can be flagged up immediately.

  • How do I access the service?

    You can refer yourself or be referred by a family member, your doctor, a therapist or other agencies. The Regional Environmental Control Systems Service can be contacted by telephone, email, or in writing.

  • Travel information

    Contact Nexus Traveline: Tel: 0871 200 22 33


  • Useful contacts

    • Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust Tel: 0191 246 6800
    • Patient Advice and Liaison Service North of Tyne Tel: 0800 032 0202

  • What if I have a comment, suggestion, compliment or complaint about the service?

    If you want to make a comment, suggestion, compliment or complaint you can:
    • talk to the people directly involved in your care
    • ask a member of staff for a feedback form, or complete a form on the Trust website (click on the ‘Contact Us’ tab)
    • telephone the Complaints Department 0191 245 6672
    • email Please note that information sent to the Trust via email is sent at your own risk
    • We are always looking at ways to improve services. Your feedback allows us to monitor the quality of our services and act upon issues that you bring to our attention.
    You can provide feedback in the following ways:
    - the quickest way for you to do this is to complete our short online survey at
    - complete a Points of You survey, available from staff

  • Contacting the service

    The Regional Environmental Control Systems Service
    Chad House
    Corbridge Road
    NE46 1QJ
    Tel: 01434 612 710

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    This information can be made available in a range of formats on request (eg Braille, audio, larger print, easy read, BSL or other languages). Please contact the Patient Information Centre Tel: 0191 246 7288

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