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Hope – peer led video

Hope plays a crucial part in recovery.

This is a peer led film about hope, which has been recorded by, produced by and features peers.

There are two versions of the films, a short film and a full version which sits with the emotion of the subject.

These films are made to engage with people who are losing or have lost hope, with the aim of connecting with peers by sharing darker days, to go on to share hope and help a person find or maintain a recovery path through hope.

The films capture the views of experts by experience, who are service users, carers and peer support workers on what it’s like to lose and find hope.

Thank you to everyone for sharing their story.

Whoever you are and wherever you are we hope this film helps with your recovery.


Following the initial launch of the hope film, the opportunity for people to leave feedback and pass comment on the film has been added.  It would be appreciated if people take the few moments to answer a few questions, as this will support evaluation of the film and influence where we go next with this idea of service user led films.   For anyone who has already seen the film and would like to leave feedback, please feel free to follow this link to help us improve on potential future projects.