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  • How common is incontinence?

    Bladder and bowel problems are very common in the general population. Around 75% of people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) experience bladder problems and around 50% of people with MS experience bowel problems at some point (MS Trust, 2013)

  • Types of bladder problems include:

    • Stress incontinence
    • Urge incontinence
    • Overflow incontinence/difficulty passing urine
    • Functional incontinence (physically unable to get to the toilet )
    • Urinary retention (difficulty emptying your bladder)
    • Urinary tract infections

  • Types of bowel problems include:

    • Constipation
    • Diarrhoea
    • Incontinence

    Your Consultant, General Practitioner or other Healthcare Professional has referred you to the Continence Clinic at Walkergate Park to have a continence assessment.

  • What to expect

    Treatment will be different depending on the type of problem you are experiencing. Further information regarding which type of continence problem you have will be given after a full assessment has been carried out.

    You will be assessed by a Qualified Nurse and may be referred to a Doctor for examination and/or further examination.

    Your first appointment will be for one hour when we will discuss the issues you are experiencing. A bladder scan may be performed and a treatment plan will be agreed between you and the healthcare professional.

  • Questions you may wish to ask?

    If you have any concerns please ask the Doctor you see at the clinic.

    It is often useful to make a list of questions prior to the clinic so you do not forget.

  • Appointment

    Your appointment card gives the time of your appointment. If this time is inconvenient please telephone the number shown on your appointment card 0191 287 5100. An alternative appointment will be made for you. Please let us know – otherwise a valuable appointment will be wasted.

    Please bring a list of all current medication to your appointment.

  • Further information

    If you don’t understand any part of this leaflet or have any further queries please contact the outpatient nurse, Outpatient Department, Walkergate Park. Tel: 0191 287 5100.

  • References

    • MS Trust (2013) Managing your Bladder – A guide for people with MS
    • MS Trust (2013) Managing your Bowels – A guide for people with MS

  • What if I have a comment, suggestion, compliment or complaint about the service?

    If you want to make a comment, suggestion, compliment or complaint you can:
    • talk to the people directly involved in your care
    • ask a member of staff for a feedback form, or complete a form on the Trust website (click on the ‘Contact Us’ tab)
    • telephone the Complaints Department 0191 245 6672
    • email [email protected] Please note that information sent to the Trust via email is sent at your own risk
    • We are always looking at ways to improve services. Your feedback allows us to monitor the quality of our services and act upon issues that you bring to our attention.
    You can provide feedback in the following ways:
    – the quickest way for you to do this is to complete our short online survey at
    – complete a Points of You survey, available from staff.

  • Useful contacts

    • Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS)
    North of Tyne Tel: 0800 032 0202 Mon-Fri 9am-4.30pm
    Provides information and advice about local NHS services and support organisations and helps sort out any problems with NHS services
    • MS Society – National MS Helpline
    Freephone: 0808 800 8000 Mon-Fri 9am-9pm
    Email: [email protected]
    The National Centre provides information and will be able to put you in touch with your local branch.
    • MS Research and Relief Fund (Head office Ben Marr House, Morpeth)
    Tel: 01670 505 829 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
    Complementary therapies and various exercise classes for people affected by MS. One to one fitness sessions with qualified instructors to tailor your workout for your individual needs.
    Complementary therapies can be accessed at Walkergate Park
    • MS Trust
    Tel: 0800 0322 3839
    Email: [email protected]
    Spirella Building, Bridge Road, Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire, SG6 4ET
    • Bladder and Bowel Community
    Support, information, guidance and help for people in the UK who are living with conditions that affect their bladder or bowel.

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