New animation explains how our Trust protects the privacy of our service users  

Posted: 08/07/19

NTW has produced a new animation designed for young people who use our services, explaining how our Trust works to protect their privacy and personal information.

 A Fair Processing Notice (also known as a privacy policy) provides information on the personal details NTW collects about its service users, why the Trust does so, how people’s data is kept secure and the rights people have in relation to their personal information.

The new animated video guide explains our Fair Processing Notice in accessible language. Click below to watch the video.

It was a pleasure to support this project by providing the voiceover for the animated version of NTW’s Fair Processing Notice. It’s really important that we do all we can to help service users, especially children and young people, understand how and why NTW will be using their personal information, and the new animation helps us do this in a more easy and accessible way.

Jack WilsonNTW Governor for Children & Young People’s Services

“Thank you to everyone who has been part of making this happening. It has been great to try out a different way of sharing information.

Caroline Wills

The new animation was produced by members of our Trust’s Information Governance, Clinical Development and Communications teams, with support from young people at NTW’s Ferndene hospital in Northumberland, NTW Governor Jack Wilson, and D Wills, the son of an NTW staff member.

You can read NTW’s full Fair Processing Notice at