Digital Strategy 2023

The use of Digital technology is commonplace in many aspects of life and healthcare is no exception. Accelerated by the COVID19 pandemic, we’ve seen the many benefits digital technology can bring to our patients, though there is also the potential to create digital inequality.

The NHS Long Term Plan and recently published Priorities for Digital Mental Health outline that that Digital offerings have an increasing part to play in the delivery of Mental Health, Autism and Learning Disability services.

At Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust we have invested significantly in Digital, have talented and committed digital teams and a strong culture of innovation across the Trust. We are an acknowledged digital leader in the NHS. In 2022, the organisation became an accredited NHS England Global Digital Exemplar. Whilst we know there is still much work to be done to deliver our digital vision, we are building on the sound foundations of past delivery.

This booklet describes the next phase of our Digital journey and how we will put patients at the centre of their care and support our clinical services in an increasingly challenging environment.

To be successful we recognise the need to work with partner agencies to ensure information and care can flow seamlessly across organisational boundaries to improve the care and outcomes we delivery.

By working together CNTW is well placed to realise the next phase of its digital ambitions.

Digital Strategy 2023