Our policies library is regularly updated with the most recent policies we use at the Trust to help us provide the best support we can for all we serve. We are still in the process of uploading policies, so please bear with us.

Welcome to Cumbria Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust policy page where you can search policy/PGN with respective keywords

Our Policy content does not risk the safety of service users, patients or the public.

Please note we are still in the process of updating policies after the transition that took placed on 1st of October.

Here you will see both the interim North Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust and Cumbria Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust policies.

The policies that supersede CPFT policies are titled with a header in dark purple colour as shown below

Policies/PGNs that have interim arrangements (i.e. for certain period old CPFT policies are still effective in North Cumbria Locality Care Group) are labelled in blue colour as shown below

The details of North Cumbria interim policies can be accessed HERE

For North, South Central Locality Care Groups the policies/PGNs are titled with a header in green as shown below

** NEW ** Finding a PGN

If you are looking for a specific Practice Guidance Note (PGN), please be aware that a keyword search on the Policies site (address above) will first bring up the name of the policy that the PGN is part of, not the specific PGN. You then have to click on the button for the policy first to bring up a list of available PGNs.

For example, if you were looking for SM-PGN-15 Guidance on the Aftercare with the Use of Taser, a search for “SM-PGN-15” or “Taser” brings up the Security Management Policy which the PGN is part of. See below:

You then need to click on the link for the main policy and scroll down the page to find the button that you need for the PGN you require. PGNs are listed in numerical order. So in this example we would click on the Security Management Policy and then scroll down to SM-PGN-15 and click the following button:


For internal CNTW staff, if you have any queries, please email: policy@cntw.nhs.uk 

For external queries outside of CNTW, please email FOI@cntw.nhs.uk

Many Thanks

Policy Team