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Hadrian Unit, Carleton Clinic – CNTW230

Hadrian Unit is a high risk needs-led acute psychiatric ward for the whole of Cumbria based at the Carleton Clinic in Carlisle. It has 22 beds providing assessment, care and treatment by a multi-disciplinary team.


Who is Hadrian Unit for?

Hadrian is a needs-led unit for men and women aged 18 years and over who have a functional mental illness such as depression, anxiety or psychosis and require admission to hospital because they are:

  • At risk of immediate and significant self-harm/suicide or self-neglect due to their mental health and/or
  • At immediate and significant risk to others due to their mental health.
  • In circumstances where there is immediate risk of the breakdown in normal life or support network.
  • In circumstances where existing community service user is already receiving a higher level of input due to the level of deterioration of their mental state, or the increased level of risk
  • At significant risk of personal vulnerability and exploitation.
  • At significant risk of mental health deterioration without mental health intervention.

How can I get referred?

The Crisis Resolution Home Treatment Team (CRHT) is the ‘gatekeeper’ for all the referrals to the in-patient service. Hadrian is identified as a ‘place of safety’ under Section 136 of the Mental Health Act.


01228 603 042


Carleton Clinic Cumwhinton Drive Carlisle CA1 3SX

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