Edenwood – CNTW234

Edenwood is an inpatient assessment and treatment unit based at the Carleton Clinic in Carlisle. Edenwood has six beds providing assessment and treatment for the county. The unit works with adults who have a global learning disability. Edenwood provides assessment and treatment for people with learning disabilities with additional mental health problems requiring in-service user care when this cannot be appropriately provided in generic in-service user settings e.g. because of the person’s vulnerability in such a setting.  Edenwood also provides assessment and treatment for people with learning disabilities and challenging behaviour or offending behaviours whose needs for assessment and treatment cannot safely be met in the community.  Interventions will be based on these assessments and include a range of psychological, social and medical interventions depending on individual need.  Everyone is offered a full physical assessment and medical conditions are treated.  A healthy lifestyle is encouraged.

  • For people with mental health needs, psychotropic medication will be prescribed if required and there is access to cognitive behavioural therapy if appropriate in line with NICE and other guidance
  • For people with challenging behaviour, there is an emphasis on understanding the function of challenging behaviour and working to develop strategies for its management which can be transferred to community settings
  • For people with offending behaviours there is an emphasis on developing robust risk assessments and risk management plans, together with cognitive behavioural interventions.


Who is Edenwood for?

Edenwood is an assessment and treatment unit for people with learning disabilities who also have mental health problems.


01228 608 070


Carleton Clinic Cumwhinton Drive Carlisle CA1 3SX

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