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Information for service users who would like children or young people to visit them while in hospital

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  • Can children/young people visit me whilst I am in hospital?

    Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust supports contact, and recognises that maintaining relationships between children and young people and their family, who are service users of the Trust, is important.

  • What are the facilities for children/young people visiting?

    Most wards have an identified family visiting room where visits can take place, although some areas have shared visiting facilities that may need to be booked in advance. The ward team should be able to give you information regarding specific children visiting facilities for the ward.

  • Who decides if children/young people can visit me during my stay in hospital?

    Visits should only happen if it is the best interests of the child or young person. To make sure that children’s best interests are protected a process has been put in place which will assist the clinical team in making decisions regarding children/young people visiting.

    On admission, and as part of ongoing assessment and treatment, all service users will be asked if they are expected to have any visits from children or young people.

    The decision to allow children/young people to visit will be based on individual needs and circumstances.

    The safety of children and young people is important therefore we request that all children are accompanied by an appropriate adult and that an adult is responsible for them at all times during the visit.

  • What can we do during visits?

    This will be identified on an individual basis with yourself, family and the clinical team. Some people may be requested to have visits on the ward, others may be able to have access to on site restaurants or have walks in the hospital grounds.

    The wards have limited access to toys, games or books therefore appropriate toys etc may be brought in to meet the needs of the child during visits. The ward staff will be able to give you support regarding the items that can or cannot be brought onto wards.

  • How long can visits last?

    The length of visits will be determined on an individual basis, however you may be asked to avoid having visitors during protected mealtimes or protected engagement time. Each ward will be able to give you information regarding this.

  • What happens if children/young people are unable to visit me during my stay?

    In some circumstances it may not be safe or appropriate for children or young people to visit. The reasons for this decision will be fully explained by a member of the team and will be reviewed on an on going basis.

    If you disagree with a decision about children or young people visiting you, you should discuss this with the Ward or Unit Manager.

  • For more information

    If you would like more information, you can contact the ward or unit.

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