Dr Niraj Ahuja

GMC No: 6059182

I passed my MBSS in 1982 and then MD Psychiatry with a Distinction in 1987, both from Delhi University. I have been a consultant psychiatrist since November 1991 in Delhi and then in the NHS since January 2003. I gained my Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Research from Newcastle University with Distinction in 2018.

I currently work at the Regional Affective Disorders Service at CAV, Newcastle as well as an Undergraduate Block Lead and Honorary Lecturer for the Sunderland Medical School.

Some Publications:
1. Rogers JP, Oldham MA, Fricchione G, Northoff G, Wilson JE, Mann SC, Francis A, Wieck A, Wachtel LE, Lewis G, Grover S, Hirjak D, Ahuja N, Zandi MS, Young AH, Fone K, Andrews S, Kessler D, Saifee T, Gee S, Baldwin DS, David AS. Evidence-based consensus guidelines for the management of catatonia: Recommendations from the British Association for Psychopharmacology. Journal of Psychopharmacology. 2023;37(4):327-369.



2. Taylor S, McKay D, Miguel EC, De Mathis MA, Andrade C, Ahuja N, Sookman D, Kwon JS, Huh MJ, Riemann BC, Cottraux J, O’Connor K, Hale LR, Abramowitz JS, Fontenelle LF, Storch EA. Musical obsessions: A comprehensive review of neglected clinical phenomena, Journal of Anxiety Disorders, 2014; 28 (6): 580-589

3. Bhattacherjee S, Young A, Ahuja N, Allen S. Should intramuscular clozapine be adopted into mainstream clinical practice? The British Journal of Psychiatry 2021; 219(1): 357-358.