How to write an awards entry

We’ve put together some quick tips on how to write your awards nomination in order to give your nominee the best chance possible to be shortlisted:

The do’s and don’ts of writing a good award entry

Do keep to the 300 word limit
The judging team receives a large number of nominations and the word limit is there to ensure every nomination is considered fairly.

Do think carefully
This is your chance to really get your point across as to why the team or individual you have nominated deserves to win.

Do use plain English
Avoid excessively long words and jargon. A good rule to remember is KISS – Keep It Short and Simple.

Do check your entry before submitting
Give your entry a final check over, making sure you are nominating your chosen team or individual in the right category. If the nomination is in the wrong place it might get missed!

Do learn your localities
It’s really important that you enter the nomination for the right locality.

Don’t use generic phrases
Avoid sayings like “they are a really nice person” or “they have made a difference” – tell us how they have made a difference. We want to hear about the specific differences the team or individual has made.

Don’t copy and paste nominations
If two or more people have done similar outstanding work, try and think about the specific aspects each individual has excelled in rather than copying and pasting the same thing.

Don’t enter the same team or individual into multiple categories
Due to the high volume of nominations we receive, we need to make sure every nomination is in the right place.

Please help out the award team as much as you can by supplying both your own contact details and, if possible, contact details for the person or team you’ve nominated.

Thanks in advance – and good luck!

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