Tic Disorders including Tourette’s Syndrome

Tics are commonly experienced by young children and most tics subside as the child grows older. Some may persist and a young person may develop Tourette’s syndrome. This is a physical condition characterised by chronic motor and vocal tics.

Initial intervention from other Tier 1/2 services (Universal and Targeted services) prior to specialist CAMHS involvement 

Where the tics are mild and of short duration which are not having a significant impact on the child or young person take a watch and wait approach.

Where tics are mild but having some impact the child or young person may benefit from intervention from a tier 2 worker able to offer advice around stress management and relaxation.

For diagnosis discuss with your GP who may refer to a paediatrician to ensure there is no other underlying physical cause and would give a diagnosis if appropriate.

Online Support

Please also see section on anxiety

Tourettesaction.org.uk Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children

Service provided by Specialist Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service –Tier 3

When Complex Tourette’s is co-morbid with a mental health difficulty requiring Tier 3

CAMHS they will be assessed and treated by specialist CAMHS to help the young person manage any anxiety that may make the tics worse.

Please see interventions on anxiety.