Suicidal Behaviour

Suicide is still a relatively rare occurrence however all people are susceptible to thoughts and feelings that can place them at risk of suicide. Young people who are depressed and/ or who have strong feelings of hopelessness and anger can have thoughts of suicide.

Suicidal thinking and behaviour are often present in those young people who have difficulty regulating their emotions to such an extent it impacts on their functioning.

Initial intervention from other Tier 1/2 services (Universal and Targeted services) prior to specialist CAMHS involvement

Professionals at tier 2 will talk with a child or young person experiencing suicidal thoughts and be able to support them if these thoughts are fleeting and not accompanied by an associated wish to die.

Sometimes suicidal thoughts are expressed, particularly by younger children when they are angry and upset because they are not allowed to do something.

When in doubt a professional should contact specialist CAMHS directly or the SPA (0300 123 9015) for advice.

Online support

NHS Self Help Guides Papyrus Suicide Prevention

Service provided by Specialist Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service –   Tier 3

Where there is an expressed wish to take own life accompanied by corresponding risk-taking behaviours and articulated plan and access to method this will require urgent assessment by CAIS and may require a mental health act assessment. If there is felt to be an immediate risk to life then emergency services should be called.

Assessment and Treatment will be offered in specialist CAMHS in line with the comorbid mental health problem (ie. depression or emotional dysregulation).