School Refusal

Some young people have difficulties in attending school and have frequent and regular, or prolonged, absences and/or lateness.  This can be due to numerous factors including bullying, poor self-esteem, worries about school work (possibly including unidentified learning difficulties or autism) or worries about things at home leading to anxiety (including separation anxiety), angry outbursts or low mood.

Initial intervention from other Tier 1/2 services (Universal and Targeted services) prior to specialist CAMHS involvement

Any issues around school attendance need to be discussed with the school first and any issues such as bullying or learning difficulties addressed.  Support and intervention from the Educational Psychologist can be helpful.

The school may wish to Initiate an Early Help Assessment to co-ordinate support around a child or family.

Where moderate to severe anxiety is identified as an underlying area of difficulty and the interventions offered by targeted tier 2 professionals are not having enough impact then referral to CAMHS could be considered.

Service provided by Specialist Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service –Tier 3

Without comorbid mental heath issues, would not meet threshold for specialist CAMHS.

See section on anxiety.