Rowanwood Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), Carleton Clinic – CNTW229

Rowanwood is a psychiatric intensive care unit (PICU) based at the Carleton Clinic in Carlisle. It is a mixed sex ward with ten single rooms, all of which have ensuite facilities. Rowanwood is a Cumbria wide inpatient unit that offers intensive nursing support and therapeutic interventions to people who are assessed as requiring high levels of care in a safe and secure environment. The unit is designed for short term care (ideally no more than eight weeks) but length of stay is determined by the clinical needs of patients and their move towards recovery.

The unit works within a recovery model and provides ongoing assessment of each patient’s psychological, physical, occupational and social needs. This is provided by a dedicated team of nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists and occupational therapists. Through the provision of daily structured activities and a range of clinical and occupational interventions, the therapeutic needs of the patient are balanced with the need for a safe and secure environment. As soon as people are assessed as no longer requiring this level of care, they are transferred back to their local acute admission ward to continue their treatment in a less restrictive environment.

Who is Rowanwood PICU for?

Rowanwood is for men and women who have been assessed as requiring high levels of care in a safe and secure environment.

How can I get referred?

Referrals are taken from the acute mental health assessment wards, Access Liaison Integrated Service (ALIS), Approved Mental Health Practitioners (AMHPs) and the criminal justice system.


01228 603 044


Carleton Clinic Cumwhinton Drive Carlisle CA1 3SX

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