Assessment Pathway

The assessment process is a two part process as set out in the Interim Gender Dysphoria Protocol and Service Guideline.

The first assessment is usually offered by one of our nursing or psychology staff. It lasts up to two hours and covers a wide range of topics relevant to personal experiences of gender dysphoria, gender identity and physical and mental wellbeing.

After the first assessment, team members make a decision together about the next step. You can find out more about assessments from our Frequently asked questions page.

Extended assessment

Where there is a need identified for additional psychological or medical support to make decisions about the best approach to assessment or treatment, the team might offer an extended assessment process. Service users might use this to explore their requirements for treatment, raise questions or reflect on their needs. The extended assessment will be with the person that team feels can best meet this need.

Second assessment

The second assessment appointment takes place after a period of at least three months. It is a repeat of the first assessment in many respects but also has some elements which are new. This is because the Interim Protocol requires that people seeking life changing treatments demonstrate stability of their experience over a period of time. The assessment is usually one appointment which lasts up to two hours and is with the member of the medical team who will work with the person during the next stage of their care in the service.

We use the diagnostic criteria listed in the ICD10 (International Classification of Diseases version 10), which include transsexualism. We recognise that these criteria are problematic and they will change in the upcoming version. We use these diagnoses to meet the requirements of the Interim protocol.