Making a Referral

Who can refer for Newcastle Blue Room Treatment?

  • Anyone in the UK can make a referral.
  • Referrals should be from locality Child and Teenage Mental Health Services and Child Health/Paediatric Services, or General Practitioners.

How to refer and payment:

  • If you have any questions before the referral we encourage you to call.
  • You can either send referrals by post or secure email using the electronic CNDS referral form which can be accessed online at

When we have been given a referral, we will contact the young person’s local clinical hiring group (or a different group that does the same thing), about payment for treatment.

Referral principles:

Young people must have:

  • A clinical investigation of autism spectrum disorder or Asperger syndrome.
  • Be aged 7-17 years (under 18 years).
  • Be able to understand and use sentences when speaking and listening to others speak.

If you have any questions about the principles we will be happy to talk about them.
As the treatment is new, clinical outcomes will be thoroughly measured to add to the evidence we already have about how effective the treatment is.

Referral must include:

  • Completed Blue Room CNDS referral form.
  • An explanation of what situation makes the young person anxious or scared. Or made them have a phobia.
    As well as:

    • More details about what it is about the situation that causes the anxiety or fear/phobia, (situation specific). For example if the young person was afraid of a dog, what happened to them to make them be afraid of dogs. This fear of dogs would be an example of a phobia.
    • A short explanation of existing analyses/preparation.

Referrals for Blue Room Treatment are about help for situation specific anxiety, but not other healthcare needs. Clinical responsibility for other assessments or management of other health/mental health needs is still the responsibility of the local clinical team.

The referral form can be found here.  If you have any questions please contact the team at Walkergate Park, using the contact details section.