The Triangle of Care

The Triangle of Care was developed to address the clear evidence from carers that they need to be listened to and consulted more closely. The guide outlines key ways to achieve this as well as examples of good practice.

The Triangle of Care Annual Report - August 2020 (640kB)

Appendix 1 - Covid-19 Carer Champion Feedback Report - June 2020 (635kB)

Supporting Carers to Navigate CNTW Services

We know that from our own internal organisation experience, that our services are difficult to navigate.

Learning from a number of SI’s indicate that carers feel that when they contact CNTW for help, they are continuously bounced around resulting in feelings of frustration.

As a large organisation, it is our aim to support them to reach the most appropriate service to meet their needs.

We should not tell them they need to ring service ‘x’ but seek to understand their needs and ask the appropriate service to make contact.

As a standard, for patients open to your service, Carers should have a clear care plan and crisis and contingency plan where contact numbers for the services involved with the patient can be clearly found.