Bede – Acute Admission Ward (Newcastle) – CNTW228

Bede is an acute admission ward based at St Nicholas Hospital in Gosforth. Bede has 16 beds providing assessment and treatment by a multi disciplinary team. They will support you to develop new skills to manage your mental health. During your stay you will be offered the following treatments and therapies:
• Occupational therapy – helps with individual or group activities and daily living skills
• Physiotherapy – help with mobility or movement problems or by providing access to gym facilities
• Psychology – this is dependent on your need at the time of admission
• Medication
• Art therapy

Who is Bede for?

The service is for men over the age of 18 years who are experiencing a relapse or crisis in their mental wellbeing and require assessment and treatment in hospital.

How can I get referred?

You can be referred by your Care Co-ordinator, GP, Primary Care Mental Health Team or Specialist Mental Health Service or admitted through a Mental Health Act assessment.


0191 223 2050


St Nicholas Hospital Jubilee Road Gosforth Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 3XT

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